Cookbook & 5 Piece Pizza Kit Bundle


The Curious Chef® Cookbook & 5 Piece Pizza Kit Bundle provide the recipes and the tools to create delicious homemade pizzas!

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Product Details

Create your favorite pizza dishes with the Curious Chef® Cookbook & 5 Piece Pizza Kit Bundle! Satisfy your creativity with Cooking with Curious Chef recipes for Fruit Pizza, Breakfast Pizza, and Taco Pizza. Mix it up and try out your own recipe using the skills taught in the interactive cookbook! The cookbook includes 24 activities to inspire your child’s creativity in the kitchen and help them develop cooking techniques they’ll be able to use for many other recipes. Created for your child, the Cooking with Curious Chef cookbook is designed to help children build their cooking abilities while they make food they'll love!

The 5 Piece Pizza Kit includes a kid-sized tomato-shaped cutting board; nylon pizza server; silicone mixing spatula; nylon pizza cutter; and large nylon plastic knife. Get kids involved in the cooking process with the kid-inspired Cooking with Curious Chef cookbook and the specially designed cooking tools made just for kids!

  • Pizza Kit Gift Box Dimensions: 12” L x 3.5” W x 12” H

  • Tools feature ergonomic handles with soft touch button grips specifically designed for small hands

  • Cutting board features a non-slip edge

  • Nylon pizza cutter features a guarded blade to protect hands during use

  • Large nylon knife features a serrated cutting edge with a blunt tip

  • Nylon heat safe to 420°F

  • Silicone heat safe to 450°F

  • Tools are dishwasher safe and BPA Free

  • Appropriate for children ages 4+

Learning By Doing

Piece of Pie – Use the pizza cutter to make triangle-shaped or square-shaped slices of delicious pizzas. For square slices, place the pizza cutter at the middle edge of the pizza crust, push down and roll forward cutting the pizza into two halves. Repeat on each half until you have four long slices. Turn the pizza ninety-degrees and repeat the steps. Once you are finished cutting, you should have 16 square slices of pizza.

Toppings – Show your child how to chop up sausage links to add as a topping on your homemade pizza.


Ask any parent and they will tell you that safety of their children is paramount to any other job they perform. At Curious Chef® we work tirelessly to ensure that every product we offer meets the most stringent safety standards and, more importantly, lives up to the expectations of parents! Our goal is to foster an environment where families can explore the art of cooking free from worry. With that in mind, all Curious Chef® products conform to United States Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements ASTM F963 and CPSIA lead and phthalate limits.

Curious Chef® tools are designed with little hands in mind, including easy to grip handles, sturdy bases, convenient color coding, and wide pouring spouts. This not only makes the tools easier to use, it also adds to the enjoyment of the entire cooking experience. In the end, the goal of Curious Chef® is to give families a product that allows every member of the family to safely experience the joy of cooking.

  • I was surprised at how easily the nylon knives cut our fruit. It felt really safe letting the kids help and the kids gained confidence and enjoyed helping me make our healthy fruit salsa for snack. With the nylon knives I wasn’t worried about them cutting their little fingers, which took some of the stress off.

    - The Shopping Mama