Cookbook & 38 Piece Cookie and Cupcake Kit Bundle


Get baking with the 38-Piece Cookie & Cupcake Kit and the new Cooking with Curious Chef cookbook!

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Pair the Cooking with Curious Chef cookbook with the 38-Piece Cookie & Cupcake Kit to become an amazing pastry chef! The book features a unique, kid-friendly format with pictures of every step, making recipes easy for kids to follow and complete with minimal adult help. But when adult help is required, you’ll find a green chef icon next to that step. Help your child bake cookies and cupcakes by teaching them proper safety while using hot pans from the oven. The cookbook was created with a new and innovative approach to introducing kids to cooking that helps inspire a life-long love of cooking in children. Our unique, kid-friendly recipe format paired with important features and fun activities found in each chapter make this book one of a kind.

  • Ergonomic handles designed for children’s hands featuring soft touch button grips

  • 6-piece measuring cup set includes: 1 cup, 3/4, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and 1/8

  • 6-piece measuring spoon set includes: 1 tbsp and 1/2; 1 tsp, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8

  • Pastry wheel features straight & wavy blades and nylon blade guards

  • Nylon heat safe up to 420° F

  • Silicone heat safe up to 450° F

  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free

  • Appropriate for children 7+

  • Warning: SHARP EDGE HAZARD – Some tools feature functional sharp edges: not recommended for children under 7 years

Learning By Doing

Roll that dough – Put a piece of waxed paper on the counter and lightly sprinkle flour onto it. Equally split dough into four pieces, roll into balls and place 1 ball on the waxed paper. Sprinkle flour onto the rolling pin and roll out the dough ball until it is ½ inch thickness. Lightly flour the top of the dough. Repeat steps until all four pieces of dough are rolled out

Cookie cutouts – Put some flour in a bowl. Dip the cookie cutter in flour, then put it on top of rolled out dough and press down firmly to start cutting. Lay cookie cutouts at least 2 inches apart on a lightly greased cookie sheet

Fill it up – Poke the slanted frosting decorator tip into the top of a cooled, unfrosted cupcake and squeeze a little jam into the center of the pastry

Pasty decorations – Point the flower frosting decorator tip straight down and squeeze out icing into a flower shape. Switch icing colors and use the round decorator tip to squeeze a tiny dot in the center of the flower


Ask any parent and they will tell you that safety of their children is paramount to any other job they perform. At Curious Chef® we work tirelessly to ensure that every product we offer meets the most stringent safety standards and, more importantly, lives up to the expectations of parents! Our goal is to foster an environment where families can explore the art of cooking free from worry. With that in mind, all Curious Chef® products conform to United States Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements ASTM F963 and CPSIA lead and phthalate limits.

Curious Chef® tools are designed with little hands in mind, including easy to grip handles, sturdy bases, convenient color coding, and wide pouring spouts. This not only makes the tools easier to use, it also adds to the enjoyment of the entire cooking experience. In the end, the goal of Curious Chef® is to give families a product that allows every member of the family to safely experience the joy of cooking.

  • The kids LOVE the fact that they have a knife made just for them and mom lets them do some of the cutting now!

    - Beth