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  • Healthy Lunch Box Substitutions

    Healthy Lunch Box Substitutions

    As we work on recovering from our holiday sweets overdoses, one of the ways we can get our little chefs off the stocking stuffers is by packing them healthy lunches to bring to school. While sandwiches can be filling, they can also get pretty boring day after day. Here are a few ideas to change things up for the new year, while still keeping your little chef’s lunches healthy and satisfying.

  • Meet the Newest Curious Chef Products

    Meet the Newest Curious Chef Products

    It’s the New Year, which means it’s time for reflection and resolutions by people and by companies too. At Curious Chef, we’ve thought about new ways to engage your little chefs’ curiosity and new products to assist their culinary creativity. If spending more quality time with your kids and eating healthier are on your personal list of resolutions for this year, you will be happy to learn that our resolutions align with yours. Enjoy the New Year and these new ways to cook up fun and learning with your little chefs!

  • Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids

    Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids

    If you live up north, snow days are inevitable. Kids delight in them and adults can too, especially when everyone can use the extra time together to do something fun. After the deluge of holiday treats, you may not feel like spending the whole day baking, but that doesn’t mean you can't spend some quality family time together in your kitchen. All you need to do is transform your kitchen into your own laboratory of scientific fun. You can still use your apron, kitchen gadgets, and even certain food ingredients. But instead of serving up meals, you and your little chef will be serving up science.

  • Mocktail Ideas for Kids

    Mocktail Ideas for Kids

    Special holidays call for special meals, and special meals call for special drinks. For adults, a special drink often includes a favorite brand of alcohol, but when little chefs want something to sip, a new recipe is in order. Your little chefs will light up when they are given – or help make – their own special holiday drink.

  • Teaching Kids about the Food Groups

    Teaching Kids about the Food Groups

    Remember back when you were in elementary school, learning about the Food Pyramid? Who can forget that giant brown base of grains and the capstone of fats, oils, and sweets, sitting atop the pyramid like the end goal, rather than the most unhealthy food group? The United States Department of Agriculture made the Food Pyramid an ancient artifact when they introduced the intelligently simple design of MyPlate back in 2011. Not only does the design of MyPlate simplify the concepts of healthy eating by food groups for adults, but it also provides more opportunities for fun, healthy-eating educational, activities with your little chefs.

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