• Fun with Fruit

    Fun with Fruit

    Are you looking for ways to add a little health and fun to snack time? What about creative ways to get your budding chef excited about healthy eating? These fun ideas will make your kids just as excited to eat fruit as they are to grab a cookie.

  • Keep Arguments Out of the Kitchen When Cooking with Kids

    Keep Arguments Out of the Kitchen When Cooking with Kids

    Have you ever watched those commercials of kids happily and peacefully baking cookies with their parents, and thought Yea, right. You know, the ones were everyone is playfully sprinkling flour on each other, wearing matching aprons, and using homemade icing to decorate the perfectly round, golden cookies piping hot from the oven?

    It doesn’t have to be a distant dream! Here are a few tips on how to make cooking with your kids an experience that is fun, easy, and yes, even suitable for TV audiences.

  • Kid Valentine's Day Baking Ideas

    Kid Valentine's Day Baking Ideas

    Getting a special treat is one of the reasons kids love Valentine's Day. This year, skip the store bought chocolates and candies in favor of spending some quality time in the kitchen with your little helpers. Here are some great Valentine's Day baked goods your aspiring little chefs will love helping you make and handing out to family and friends. As an added bonus, your kids can show off not only their baking skills with these Valentine's recipes, they can also showcase their awesome and creative decorating chops.

  • Put a Twist on Your Favorite Recipes

    Put a Twist on Your Favorite Recipes

    Cooking, serving, and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner day in and day out can get repetitive and a bit boring, especially if you have picky eaters at home who make it difficult to try new recipes. Instead of trying something totally new, shake things up a bit at meal time by putting a fun twist on a dish that your family already loves!

  • Kids Kitchen Safety

    Kids Kitchen Safety

    The kitchen can be a dangerous place for children, with sharp cooking tools, cleaning supplies, and hot stoves and ovens packed into one confined space. While there are steps you can take to make the kitchen a safer place for kids, there are also important lessons you should teach your children to help keep them safe in the kitchen.

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