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  • Roadtrip Car Games for Kids

    Roadtrip Car Games for Kids

    The holidays mean spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, our loved ones are often scattered across the county so spending time with them means spending time in the car to get there.

    Just as you would gather your ingredients and put thought into a delicious meal, so too can your family benefit from preparation before heading out on the highways. Obviously, snacks and drinks are important, as are blankets, pillows, and good tunes. Equally as vital is knowing how to keep everyone entertained between snacks and naps? Sit back, relax, and take these ideas into consideration.

  • Create the Ultimate Kids Arcade at Home

    Create the Ultimate Kids Arcade at Home

    Nostalgia is that bittersweet emotion we feel when we are reminded of happy times gone by. It’s an emotion we can feel at any moment – when a favorite childhood song comes on the radio or the smell of a certain dish reminds us of the holidays – but always nostalgia is accompanied by the fond memories of a moment. As kids, many of us spent happy moments in an arcade or playing arcade games. Without too much time or money, we can recreate these arcade moments for our own little chefs and bring back the sweetest part of nostalgia: the happiness. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or just trying to fill the long hours of a cold winter’s day, consider these ideas a free 1UP.

  • Thankfulness Activities for Kids

    Thankfulness Activities for Kids

    Sometimes, the meaning of certain holidays can get lost in the fun foods and activities we build around the special occasions. Fortunately, the word “thank” is baked right into the name of Thanksgiving, which helps us keep in mind the reason behind this day of feasting with family and friends. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more thoughtful thankfulness in your Thanksgiving this year, here are a few ideas that will appeal to your littlest chefs all the way to up to the oldest chefs.

  • Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

    Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

    When an entire holiday’s purpose and success rests on the preparation and eating of a suppertime feast, it’s fair to say that breakfast worries get put on the back burner. Having a light breakfast on Thanksgiving is a good strategy – if you’re an adult. Kids’ little tummies don’t understand the notion of delayed satisfaction, so feeding your little chefs a good breakfast on Thanksgiving is as much about strategy to you as it about needs to them. Here are a few ideas to make sure that the only feathers flying on your holiday are the ones you use to decorate your beautifully prepared turkey.

  • Travel Friendly Snacks for Kids

    Travel Friendly Snacks for Kids

    ‘Tis the season for friends, family, and traveling. Everyone loves the holidays, but not as much can be said about the realities of getting from here to there. Traveling with kids poses specific challenges. How do we keep kids entertained? How do we deal with nap times and bedtimes? How do we feed them without ruining the interiors of our cars? Before you head out over the river and through the woods, pack a few of these snack ideas to keep your little chefs happy little travelers.

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