Curious Chef Partnerships


Curious Chef proudly partners with the following organizations:

Healthy Hands

Healthy Hands Cooking leads children’s cooking classes that teach kids about nutrition and healthy eating and gives them the skills to combat childhood obesity. In the Curious Chef + Healthy Hands partnership we proudly supply children’s cooking tools to be used in Healthy Hands classes. Curious Chef also offers additional discounts and coupons to Healthy Hands participants and teachers.

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Veggiecation leads Healthy Kids Cooking Classes centered around delicious and nutritious vegetables and unique, kid-friendly food preparations. Curious Chef has partnered with Veggiecation to provide kid-friendly cooking tools to be used during these lessons. The combination of activity-driven lessons and specially designed tools make the children excited to engage, learn, and take ownership of their diet.

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The Kids Cook Monday

The Kids Cook Monday is a non-profit organization that believes in a simple slogan inspired by studies that support family dinners: “Start your week off right, make Monday family night!” The group encourages families to dedicate the first night of the week to cooking and eating a healthy meal together. The Curious Chef + The Kids Cook Monday partnership is about truly getting kids involved in the kitchen with their own child-safe cooking tools. These tools not only get children more engaged, but gives them a greater sense of ownership in the cooking and meal preparation process.

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Become a Curious Chef Partner

Curious Chef is always interested in partnering with organizations that encourage, empower, and teach children and families in the kitchen.

If your organization is interested in becoming an official Curious Chef partner, please email [email protected].

kids cook monday class

Curious Chef is committed to getting kids in the kitchen to teach them the lifelong skills of cooking and healthy eating. We proudly partner with other organizations that have the same aim of getting children of all ages engaged in the wholesome activity of cooking and providing child- and family-focused, useful resources to help with this goal.