12-Piece Grower's Set


Get kids really growing with the 12-Piece Grower’s Set from Curious Gardener®!


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Learning to garden teaches kids patience and pride. And with the 12-Piece Grower’s Set, your child will be ready to learn all your gardening tips! The kit is perfect for the beginning gardener looking to grow their very own plants. The 12-Piece Grower’s Set includes a Trowel, Shovel, Garden Shears, 3 Nursery Pots, 3 Pot Drains, 3 Garden Markers, and 2 Garden Marker Sticker Sheet!

Help your child pick out their very favorite seeds to start their garden! The Nursery Pots are the perfect size for seedlings to grow. Place the pot drains inside the plants to protect them from being overwatered. Use the shovel to scoop soil into the pots. Then use the trowel to measure and scoop a small hole inside the pot. Drop the seed inside and cover with soil. Write the name of the plant on a garden marker sticker, place it on the color-coded garden marker, and stick it into the soil. When their plant grows tall and strong, and use the garden shears to trim! With the 12-Piece Grower’s Set, your child is ready to start their very own garden.

  • Gift Box Dimensions: 12.0” x 12.0” x 4.5”
  • Trowel and Shovel feature metal heads and soft touch grip handles
  • Garden Shears have safety blades that cut through most herbs and plants
  • 3 Nursery Pots, each including removable water drains, have 14 oz. capacity
  • 3 Garden Markers include removable and customizable stickers, making plant identification fun
  • 14 printed stickers and 14 customizable stickers
  • Age appropriate for children 3+

  • Learning By Doing

    Grow It – Help your child grow their very own avocado plant in one of their nursery pots! Remove the pit from the avocado, insert four toothpicks into the pit, and place the pit on top of the nursery pot. Make sure the avocado pit is always half covered in water.

    • Thank you Curious Chef® for your wonderful nylon knives for kids! My 3-year-old is learning how to cut with her daddy…They’re making “monkey bread” and cutting up refrigerator biscuits…

      - Christi B.