30-Piece Gardening Collection


With the 30-Piece Gardening Collection from Curious Gardener®, your child will have every tool they need to become a master gardener in no time!


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The 30-Piece Gardening Collection contains all the tools and apparel your child could need to start creating their very own garden, inside or out! The collection includes a trowel, shovel, hand rake, garden shears, watering can, kneeling pad, 6 nursery pots, 6 watering drains, 7 garden markers, a pair of garden gloves, a garden hat, garden apron, storage tote, 2 garden marker sticker sheets, and a bonus sticker set and supply list.

Gardening inspires creativity and the 30-Piece Gardening Collection has all the tools your little gardener will need to express themselves! All the tools inside the collection are designed to keep your kids safe, clean, and cute! Each hand tool features soft touch handles that are perfectly sized and comfortable for your child’s hands. And all of the apparel ensures your child is protected from the elements. Teach your child how to garden while they use their very own tools from the 30-Piece Gardening Collection.

  • Gift Box Dimensions: 12.0” x 12.0” x 10.0”
  • Storage Tote includes one large pocket for larger items and 5 small pockets for smaller hand tools
  • Ergonomic handles designed specifically for children’s hands
  • Soft touch button grips
  • Trowel, Shovel and Hand Rake have metal heads
  • Garden Shears have safety blades that cut through most herbs and plants
  • Watering Can features removable spout for easy cleaning and a dual-handle system for easy pouring
  • The soft-foam design of the Kneeling Pad provides comfort and protection for knees
  • 6 Nursery Pots each include removable water drains
  • 7 Garden Markers include removable and customizable stickers, making plant identification fun
  • Garden Gloves feature palm and finger coating for excellent grip and durability
  • Garden Apron and Garden Hat fit most children
  • 14 printed stickers and 14 customizable stickers
  • Age appropriate for children 3+

  • Learning By Doing

    Measuring Skills – Show your child how to measure seed depth using the engrained measurements on the trowel.

    Trimming – Teach your kid how to trim tops of herbs to make them bushy.

    • These are great kids’ tools that actually work…My daughter loves cooking with mommy using her tools. This is a great way to start teaching kids healthy habits while building lasting memories!

      - Gene P.