4-Piece Garden Textile Set


Let your mini gardener dress the part while protecting them and their clothes from dirt in the Curious Gardener® 4-Piece Garden Textile Set!


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Every budding gardener needs an outfit to match! The Curious Gardener® 4-Piece Garden Textile Set provides your little one all the extra attire they’ll need to start gardening like a pro. The set includes one Child’s Apron, a pair of Garden Gloves and one Garden Hat. The set comes in vibrant colors and fun patterns that the kids will love.

The apron features 6 convenient front pockets: 2 large pocket and 4 medium pockets. Put your child’s Curious Gardener® tools inside these pockets so they’ll be ready with tools on hand when they need them! The apron also features adjustable straps that can be adjusted to fit kids of all ages and sizes. The Garden Hat has a wide brim to block the sunrays from your child’s face, and it features an elastic band that stretches to fit most children’s heads. Both the apron and the hat are machine washable, so cleanup is a breeze! And the Garden Gloves tie together the outfit with a matching color and pattern scheme. Made of cotton and a latex coating, hand washing the gloves is easy. And the coating helps with flexibility, durability, and gripping power. With the Curious Gardener® 4-Piece Garden Textile Set, your child is dressed in the best for any gardening job!

  • Dimensions: 16.0” x 11.0” x 0.8”
  • Includes: Child’s Apron (OS), Garden Gloves (M/L), and Garden Hat (OS)
  • Apron and Hat are 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Apron features adjustable straps to fit kids of all ages
  • Latex coated gloves make clean-up easy
  • Machine washable
  • Age appropriate for children 3+

  • Learning By Doing

    Dress the Part – Help your little one look and feel like a garden expert with the 4-Piece Garden Textile Set.

    • I was very impressed with the grip on the 2 quart mixing bowl. Our daughter was able to comfortably grip the bowl while using an electric mixer and she had total control over the cookie turner – it was sized perfectly for her

      - Mom’s Lifesavers