5-Piece Pizza Kit

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Curious Chef® delivers up delicious fun with the 5-Piece Pizza Kit. Making your own personal pizzas at home is a great way to introduce new healthy toppings and let everyone put together their own dream pizza - no more fighting over who likes what.

The Curious Chef® 5-Piece Pizza Kit comes with a kid-sized tomato shaped cutting board, an easy-grip silicone mixing spatula, nylon pizza cutter, nylon pizza server and the parent favorite Curious Chef® nylon plastic child's knife that safely cuts toppings but not little fingers. Get ready for your pizza party by having kids write out the toppings they want on the included shopping list.

  • Gift Box Dimensions: 12" L x 3.5" W x 12" H
  • Tools feature ergonomic handles with soft touch button grips specifically designed for small hands
  • Cutting board features a non-slip edge
  • Nylon Pizza Cutter features a guarded blade to protect hands during use
  • Large Nylon Knife features a Serrated Cutting Edge with a Blunt Tip
  • Nylon heat safe to 420°F
  • Silicone heat safe up to 450°F
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA Free
  • Appropriate for children ages 4+
  • Learning By Doing

    Slice it and Sauce it up!

    Slice it up - Slicing the pizza into triangle or square slices can be just as fun as making it. For triangle slices place the pizza cutter at the middle edge of the pizza crust, push down and roll forward cutting the pizza until it is in two halves. Repeat by cutting the opposite side in halves to make four quarters. Once in four quarters cut each quarter in half to make eight pizza slices!

    Spread the Sauce - Drop two, three or more spoons of sauce directly onto the center of the crust dropping each spoonful on top of the next. Place spatula at the center of the sauce, begin moving outward in a circular motion spreading sauce evenly. Stop one and a half to two inches from crust.


    Ask any parent and they will tell you that safety of their children is paramount to any other job they perform. At Curious Chef® we work tirelessly to ensure that every product we offer meets the most stringent safety standards and, more importantly, lives up to the expectations of parents! Our goal is to foster an environment where families can explore the art of cooking free from worry. With that in mind, all Curious Chef® products conform to United States Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements ASTM F963 and CPSIA lead and phthalate limits.

    Curious Chef® tools are designed with little hands in mind, including easy to grip handles, sturdy bases, convenient color coding, and wide pouring spouts. This not only makes the tools easier to use, it also adds to the enjoyment of the entire cooking experience. In the end, the goal of Curious Chef® is to give families a product that allows every member of the family to safely experience the joy of cooking.

    Customer Reviews

    Great product for any child or young adult with special needs to cook with.
    Review by Lori
    We purchased the three knives, mixing bowl and cutting board for our son, who has Down Syndrome and Autism, many years ago through Wegmans. Our son loved to use them and loved that he could cook with mom and dad. We have purchased the pizza kit and baking kit recently and our son has really enjoyed using them. He helps prepare meals at home and at his day program. This has really given a boost to his confidence and given him an even bigger feeling of self worth. Thank you curious chef for providing this great and invaluable product.
    (Posted on 1/4/16)
    Great product for any child or young adult to use to help cook in the kitchen.
    Review by Lori
    We purchased several years ago the three knives for our son, who has Down syndrome, and some autism. Well ,he loved them because he could participate in cooking and baking with dad and mom. Our son loves to prepare meals at home and at his day program. This has given him quite a boost in his confidence and the ability to become much more independent. We purchased the pizza kit and baking kit and now he has become quite the chef at home and his program. Thank you so much for providing our son with the ability to become successful at what he loves to do, cook!!
    (Posted on 1/4/16)
    Pizza set
    Review by RPMsParents
    We purchased this set off amazon. We had never heard of this line of cookware prior to that purchase. We are now fans! Our 2 yr old LOVES to help in the kitchen. We thought we'd give this set a try and couldn't be happier. The knife is a bit too big for our 2 yr old; however, she was still capable of slicing olives with it - which made her smile from ear-to-ear! She was allowed to cut the pizza she helped make; used the pie server to serve us all.

    The cutting board is very slick. It'll be great for cheeses and other "non-slippery" food items; however, we used our own cutting board so that she could have better control of the olive.

    Over all, we are very satisfied with this set for our 2 year old. She'll be able to use these items for a long time. We certainly feel comfortable with her using these kitchen items. Thanks Curious Chef! Great product for young chefs!
    (Posted on 11/5/14)

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