6-Piece Garden Marker Set


Help your child identify their plants with the Curious Gardener® 6-Piece Garden Marker Set.


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A growing love of gardening starts young, and that’s why at Curious Gardener®, we’ve created an entire line of kids’ gardening tools to help your aspiring gardener easily learn the necessary skills! The Curious Gardener® 6-Piece Garden Marker Set features six multi-colored garden spikes to help keep your garden organized while adding a bit of fun color.

The set includes twelve removable stickers to be used for plant identification. Simply write the type of plant on the sticker, place it on the head of the marker and stick the spike next to your plant! The marker can also be used to help support growing plants such as tomato or bean plants. Pair the 6-Piece Garden Marker Set with the 6-Piece Nursery Pots and your child can color-coordinate their garden in fun and creative ways!

  • Dimensions: 13.1” x 5.5” x 0.9”
  • Height: 9.45”
  • For use in the garden and for potted plants
  • Includes removable stickers for plant identification
  • Bright colors provide a fun way to label plants
  • Age appropriate for children 3+

  • Learning By Doing

    Stand Tall – Help your child use their garden markers to support tomatoes so they can grow tall and strong.

    • I recommend the Curious Chef 3 Piece Veggie Set to the parents of 5 year old prep chefs everywhere. This is yet another way to allow her to be a major part of food preparation. She feels independent, confident and in control.

      - Mamma’s Got This