6-Piece Nursery Pot Set


Help your little one grow their favorite fruits and veggies in their very own Curious Gardener® 6-Piece Nursery Pots!


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Personalize the gardening experience for your child with the Curious Gardener® 6-Piece Nursery Pots! Each pot is a different fun color your kids’ can chose from. And the pots are UV protected to they won’t fade in the sun. Let your kids pick their favorite color and start growing any fruit, veggie or herb they like!

And growing plants in these pots is made easier with the included watering drains. Place the drains at the bottom of each pot before adding soil so the excess water can collect beneath the plant and be absorbed by the soil when needed. The watering drains make it easy to avoid over-watering, so you and your child can enjoy healthy plants! The Curious Gardener® 6-Piece Nursery Pots is the perfect set of pots for beginning gardeners to develop their skills.

  • Dimensions: 11.8” x 4.0” x 3.8”
  • Includes 6 Removable Water Drains
  • Nursery Pots have a 14 oz. capacity, 3.75” diameter and 3.56” height
  • Appropriate for children 3+

  • Learning By Doing

    Let it Grow – Teach your child how to re-grow a clove of garlic by planting it in soil inside one of their colorful Nursery Pots.

    • The utensils in the kit are designed specifically for kid hands and, even better, they’re all real cooking utensils – not that cheap plastic stuff found in other kid’s cooking kits. The set includes a mixing bowl set, measuring cups and spoons, not to mention a pretty fly chef hat. You’re pretty much guaranteed to make some memories with the kids in the process and, after all, those eggs aren’t going to whisk themselves.

      - Relevant Dad