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  • Five Fun Home Activities With the Kids this Thanksgiving

    Five Fun Home Activities With the Kids this Thanksgiving

    The Holidays are sometimes a stressful time around many households for grown-ups and kids alike. That is why it is so important to make room for fun during these times to take the stress load down and more joy to your holiday season. In preparation to add holiday cheer to your life, let's plan out five fun projects for your kids and kids at heart this Thanksgiving.

    To get your Thanksgiving started on a good note, you'll need to start with a good breakfast. Healthy eating for kids doesn't have to be boring. The first project idea is turkey muffins! Sounds gross, but these aren't really made of turkey. All you have to do is bake a whatever muffin your family enjoys. Once they are done, add thinly sliced apples to the one side to create a turkey feather look. On the other add a grape for a face and use cake decorating supplies to finish off the look of the face. The best part of this kids cooking project is that everyone gets a good breakfast and are out of the kitchen for you to start your afternoon feast.

  • Maple Cinnamon Apple Chips

    Maple Cinnamon Apple Chips

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    Maple Cinnamon Apple Chips are sweetened with natural ingredients and baked to a crispy crunch. This is a great healthy recipe that your little ones can help with when just get started preparing and cooking in the kitchen.

  • Shrimp Rice and Veggie Casserole

    Shrimp Rice and Veggie Casserole

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    Fresh spinach mixed with healthy ingredients like tomatoes and celery are combined with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient-packed shrimp and brown rice to create a healthy family meal in the kitchen tonight. This recipe is a great choice when your little ones want to help in the kitchen but you are looking for a more grown-up meal. They can help cut and prep some of the ingredients to help make a delicious meal and help create healthy eating habits. This recipe is a classic, so feel free to add in extra ingredients to make it your own for your family meal tonight!

  • 3 Easy Ways Your Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

    3 Easy Ways Your Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

    Cooking for kids is a task in itself, but getting them interested and to participate in your cooking is the first step in peaking their interest in the world of culinary. But as a responsible parent you know that tossing them a sharp blade and tasking them to chop the onions is probably not the smartest idea. While your kids can't do everything you can in the kitchen, there are a few things they can help with that will also entertain them at the same time. Today, we will munch on three ways kids can help you while prepping and cooking in the kitchen.

  • Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

    Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

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    The seasons are changing and one of the most signature scents and smells of the Fall and winter months is the delightful aroma of pumpkins! Delight your kids in this festive season by creating a creamy, sweet milkshake treat they'll be sure to enjoy when cooking in the kitchen!