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  • Hidden Veggie Meatloaf

    Hidden Veggie Meatloaf

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    Meatloaf is one of those tricky items to cook - getting the ingredients right and making sure all the flavors come together to create an appetizing dish. We've created a fun and easy recipe that is great to cook with kids in the kitchen helping along and even surprises you with nutritious veggies. This super moist meatloaf is packed with veggies to create a delicious meal - even your pickiest eaters will approve!

  • Read A New Book Month

    Read A New Book Month

    In a world of tablets, smartphones, mobile apps, 3-D TV, and a vast collection of streaming movies and shows at our fingertips, convincing your family to put down the technology may prove to be a daunting task. Distracting 10-year-olds from their gadgets and attempting to replace their high-tech toys with books might be harder than negotiating with them to eat their peas at dinner. However, in honor of December being National Read a Book Month, we are going to devise a plan where your child will read one new book not only this month but each month. The kicker is, we are going to make it fun and not a task for your kids to start turning pages.

  • Green Bean Christmas Tree

    Green Bean Christmas Tree

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    The holidays are officially here! Family and friends are flying home and spending time with each other during this time of the year, bringing new memories and laughter that is truly a special treat for all.

    If you're looking to provide some extra fun and keep your kids busy and entertained during the season, getting them involved in the kitchen is a great way to ease the stress. They get to feel really special knowing they are helping create a feast to be enjoyed by all. This holiday appetizer is fun to make and healthy to eat.

    We want to wish you a very Happy Holiday!

  • It's National Bake Cookies Day!

    It's National Bake Cookies Day!

    During the holiday season, people of many different nationalities and religions take time out of their daily lives to celebrate their faith, their families and their traditions. But there is one day this time of year that isn't for any nationality or religion but for every nationality and religion: National Bake Cookies Day. National Bake Cookies Day falls on December 18, and it is the perfect day to take the time for cooking with kids. Today, we will mix up a few tips that will make your cookie celebration a sugarcoated, chocolate chip-studded blast for everyone.

  • Reindeer Bites (No Bake Cookies)

    Reindeer Bites (No Bake Cookies)

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    Santa's reindeer aren't the only ones who will love these wholesome no-bake cookies made with oats, cranberries, honey, coconut, peanut butter, flax seed, peppermint and chocolate chips. Your kids will love helping you prep these in the kitchen with measuring all the ingredients, mixing them together, and forming fun little balls to create these delicious treats! Fun and nutritious!