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  • Top 10 Ways for Your Kids to Have an Old-School Summer

    Top 10 Ways for Your Kids to Have an Old-School Summer

    What seems like many moons ago โ€“ before the iPhone and iPad โ€“ kids had to use their imaginations and play hard or risk dying of boredom during the school-free summer months. Back in the pre-tablet day, parents threw their kids outside at dawn and told them not to come back in the house until they hollered that supper was ready. Children roamed the neighborhood in bike gangs, and a perfectly good way to stay hydrated was to drink from the hose. Miss those days? Here 10 ways for your kids to enjoy an old-school summer.

  • Chocolate Monkey Shake

    Chocolate Monkey Shake

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    Looking for a sweet but healthy treat the kids (and adults!) are sure to love? Try this chocolate monkey shake, full of bananas, strawberries and finished off with almond milk and ice. You can substitute out for soy or another milk of your preference. This snack is sure to satisfy on those hot summer days!

  • Educational Gift Ideas for Kids

    Educational Gift Ideas for Kids

    We all know that being an effective parent involves a little bit of trickery. OK, that sounds bad, but you know exactly what we mean. Even Mary Poppins knows that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, right? The same is true for education. Why would your kids enrich their mind with science and math when there are so many other "cool" things for them to occupy their time? The answer is this: You have to find toys and activities that will help educate your children without them even knowing it. Here are some fantastic (hidden) educational ideas for your kids that will unknowingly make them the next Einstein. (Ahem. Or will at least help sharpen their mental skills.)

  • Curious Chef Ice Cream Sundae

    Curious Chef Ice Cream Sundae

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    Summer is in full swing and there is no denying that it is HOT out there! What better way to please your kids that a cooling and refreshing summer treat - ice cream sundaes! In honor of National Ice Cream Month in July we bring you a simple recipe that you can use as a base and let kids customize to create their own. We've developed the below as a guide, but the possibilities are endless! This is also a great idea to incorporate to those summer play dates and parties to keep everyone entertained.

    Let your kids get creative and have fun while creating their ice cream sundae masterpieces!

  • 5 Ideas for Getting Little Cooks Started in the Kitchen

    5 Ideas for Getting Little Cooks Started in the Kitchen

    We all know that cooking with kids is the best way to teach them lifelong lessons in healthy eating habits. However, getting kids into the kitchen and taking that first whirl at the whisk doesn't always seem easy โ€“ but it can be! How, you ask? You just have to find fun and creative ways to ignite the culinary mind in your child. Here are five exciting ways to inspire your child in the kitchen.