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  • 10 Reasons to Celebrate Tortilla Chips!

    10 Reasons to Celebrate Tortilla Chips!

    Kids and adults alike love to indulge in tortilla chips. You probably crunch your way through tortilla chips all the time – but did you know that these triangular snacks have their own holiday? National Tortilla Chip Day is celebrated this week on February 24th! Celebrate with some nachos, a breakfast of chilaquiles, or just curling up on the couch with the whole bag and a movie. Why are these snacks worthy of their own holiday? Well, here are a few facts that might shine some light on the versatile tortilla chip.

  • The Impact Fast Food Can Have on your Child's Health

    The Impact Fast Food Can Have on your Child's Health

    Parents want to give their kiddos the best, but time constraints in a busy world can make it hard when it comes to meals. Many people turn to fast food when pressed for time, or as a reward for a hard day’s work. Nothing could be easier than paying a small amount for a hot, ready-to-eat meal – and you can pick it up at the drive thru without even having to park the car.

    We’ve come a long way since fast food first began to take over American meal times, and now the public knows a lot more about the nutrition this type of meal can offer. Fast food is not healthy for adults by any means, but for children, consuming fast food is both unhealthy and harmful to their future. Here are some big side effects fast food can have on your little ones.

  • 3 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

    3 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is all about romance, adorable cherubs, sweets, and quality time with your sweetie. If you have little kids to keep you busy, you’ll probably want to spend some time with them too, enjoying all the love of the day shared with the whole family. Pack your Valentine's Day with fun, and tasty, projects that are sure to make the whole family happy. Here are a few of our favorite yummy ideas!