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  • Is Your Kid the Next Master Chef Junior? Get Them Started Today!

    Is Your Kid the Next Master Chef Junior? Get Them Started Today!

    Does this sound familiar? You’re in the kitchen, desperately trying to make a healthy, homemade dinner. Your oldest child is belting out “Let It Go” from the other room and your youngest has latched onto your leg with the strength of a miniature squid, hindering your ability to get to the refrigerator. You close your eyes and wish someone would help you out.

    Overworked parent: Look down and unclasp your little one’s fingers. Call your Elsa into the kitchen. Your team of sous chefs lives under your roof.

    Let’s be honest, preparing meals is a necessity of parenthood, but it can also be a fun, engaging way to spend time with your children. Here’s how it can be done.

  • Healthy Craveable Carrot Salad

    Healthy Craveable Carrot Salad

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    A craveable carrot salad that kids will enjoy eating? While difficult to imagine, the ingredients in this healthy carrot salad all work together in a sweet and savory way to create a delicious and filling salad, lunch, or side kids will like to eat. This is also a great recipe to let your kids help create in the kitchen while making beautiful memories together!

  • 5 Reasons Your Kids Need Poetry (& How to Get Them Involved)

    5 Reasons Your Kids Need Poetry (& How to Get Them Involved)

    Poor poetry. For millennia, its only competition was song (which one could argue is just poetry set to music). Before the printing press and the internet, humans used poetry to convey emotion, collect memories, and communicate beliefs. Though it may not be as popular as it once was, poetry is still a powerful genre because of our brains' ability to process and recall the words and images poets unspool before us.

    For a kid, engaging with poetry is like taking the mind to a mental playground. Listening to mom explain why you need to get dressed every morning? Boooring. Singing “Banana-fanna-bo-banna”? Super fun. As parents and caregivers, we can harness the human mind’s preference for tongue-twisters, imagery-soaked words, and illustrative comparisons and let our kids play with language.

  • Kid-Friendly and Healthy Finger Food Treats

    Kid-Friendly and Healthy Finger Food Treats

    Healthy cooking for kids shouldn't be a daunting task. Every parent has nightmares about fighting with little Johnny at the kitchen table and pleading with him to take one small bite of broccoli. It doesn't have to be that way if you make the healthy food delicious and kid-sized for little fingers. Creativity goes a long way in making eating healthy fun. Take a look at these healthy, kid-friendly finger foods that will make eating healthy easy and fun for your children.