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  • Teaching Kids to Cook: Guide by Age

    Teaching Kids to Cook: Guide by Age

    You know you should be embarking on the noble quest of teaching your child to cook. It’s a grown-up survival skill, for Pete’s sake! But the mental image of your kitchen in shambles, not to mention the sheer quantity of TIME such a task would take … well, it’s enough to put off the hardiest of souls. We get it. We do. But Curious Chef is here to help. And the road to culinary capability can begin at whatever age your child is right now.

  • Summer Salsa Salad

    Summer Salsa Salad

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    Nothing says summer quite like a cool summer salsa salad full of healthy, delicious ingredients like mangoes, avocados, and chick peas. Kids will love to help in the kitchen and dice up fruits and vegetables with their kid-friendly knives, creating a yummy, nutritious salad for the whole family. This salad is easy to make and perfect for summer barbecues and family and friend gatherings - whip this and watch it be devoured as fast you made it!