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  • Host a Kids Cookie Swap

    Host a Kids Cookie Swap

    Cookie swaps are a great indoor winter activity. They’re an entertaining way for people of any age to come together, socialize and show off their baking skills.

    A cookie swap is a great event for kids and the perfect idea for a winter birthday celebration. It’s a focused indoor activity that isn’t weather dependent and doesn’t involved the kids running around (until they consume all that sugar at least).

    Adult cookie swaps typically involve an evening of cocktails and chatting, but you can really amp up the fun when you lower the age. For your mini-me cookie swap really tailor the event to kids.

  • Playful Holiday Fruit & Veggie Displays

    Playful Holiday Fruit & Veggie Displays

    Hosting holiday parties is one of the best parts of the end of the year. Bring some extra holiday cheer to the party with these playful fruit and vegetable displays that kids will love making as much as they love eating!

    The inspiration for these jazzed up party platters come from all the themes and decorations already lighting up the neighborhood. Better yet, they’re flexible enough for you – and your kids – to get creative with and put your own spin on.

  • Coconut Curry

    Coconut Curry

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    A great way to expand your little chef's flavor pallet is to expose them to new flavors while they are young. If you are unsure whether your kids will be willing to try a dish, having them help you cook it increases the likelihood that they'll be open to eating and enjoying it. This delicious coconut curry uses ingredients  from traditional Indian dishes that your curious chef may have never used before. It gives young chefs a chance to hone their chopping and measuring skills and depending on their  age/skill level, they can help you add and stir ingredients in a simmering pot

  • Bring Cooking to Story Time

    Bring Cooking to Story Time

    Reinforce kids’ love of helping out in the kitchen by extending cooking to another cherished activity – story time. These great children’s books about food and cooking will make your kids giggle, spark their imaginations and provide inspiration for your next cooking or baking adventure. They might even help a picky eater work up the courage to try something new.