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  • Bring on the Berries

    Bring on the Berries

    Summer is the season of berries! These juicy little pops of sweetness are amazing when added to dishes, smoothies, desserts, or simply eaten on their own. Typically in season in June and July (and sometimes a bit earlier or later depending on the berry), you and your little chefs have plenty of time to explore and enjoy this summer treat.

    Here’s a bit about some of the most popular summer berries and a few ideas on how you and your little chef can use them.

  • Food Party Ideas for Kids

    Food Party Ideas for Kids

    A kids’ party without fun food is like making it through a Disney movie without crying – it’s just not right. Kids love to eat, and they also love to create, so you can combine these two activities and get all the little chefs involved in making their own fun party food. Looking for a party theme? Done!

    Even if you’re not hosting a kids’ birthday party, these ideas can make any group gathering a little more special, whether your little chef is having a sleepover with her BFFs or you’re hosting a playdate. Just make sure to buy enough ingredients for any hungry adults who might get jealous.

  • Banana Bonanza: Great Uses for Banana & Banana Recipes

    Banana Bonanza: Great Uses for Banana & Banana Recipes

    Why do bananas wear suntan lotion? Because they peel! What do you call two pairs of banana peels? Slippers.

    Bananas make for good jokes and good food. They are high in fiber, potassium, and antioxidants. They’re available in grocery stores year-round and don’t cost too much either. There's a bunch of things for you and your little chef to love about bananas!

  • BBQ Beans and Sweets

    BBQ Beans and Sweets

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    With barbecue season just around the corner, having a healthy vegetarian option to enjoy the great bbq flavor is never a bad idea. This BBQ Beans and Sweets (sweet potatoes) recipe is sure to be a family favorite. Having your kids help you chop, slice, dice, and measure ingredients is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen. Their participation will increase the likelihood that they taste and enjoy the meal they helped prepare!

  • Easy, Healthy After School Snacks (that kids can help make)

    Easy, Healthy After School Snacks (that kids can help make)

    There’s nothing like a big day of learning and play to work up an appetite. For your growing little ones, a nutritious after-school snack is a critical piece of their daily diet. Afternoon snacks replenish empty tummies, feed hungry minds, and provide energy to carry kids through to bedtime. Making these snacks together also provides the opportunity to create something with your chef and sharing stories from the day.