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  • 5 Alternatives to the Lemonade Stand

    5 Alternatives to the Lemonade Stand

    There’s something undeniably classic and cute about a lemonade stand run by little kids. Lemonade stands give kids a chance to plan, organize, and run their own pop-up business, plus an opportunity to learn about sales and money. But it’s the year 2016, so why not let your intrepid little chef choose the food or drink she’d like to sell? Here are some fun options to get your budding entrepreneur going.

  • How to Get Kids to Try New Foods

    How to Get Kids to Try New Foods

    “Yuck! I don’t want to eat that!” Every parent dreads hearing these words. Some kids eat everything in sight, while others will only eat the world’s most limited menu. It’s hard enough to teach kids to eat healthy and with good manners, but navigating the waters of personal taste makes the situation even harder to navigate.

    Don’t despair though, there are some things you can do to encourage your little ones to try new foods without getting into a massive argument or resorting to hiding and disguising veggies. But first, here’s a bit about the science of picky eating.

  • Vegan Caesar Dressing

    Vegan Caesar Dressing

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    Whether you're making a healthy salad for dinner or a cookout or just looking for a delicious, tangy dip for raw veggies, this vegan Caesar dressing is the perfect make-at-home recipe. It's simple, will please any palate, and is an excellent way for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy a classic salad dressing favorite.

  • Perfect Picnic Foods

    Perfect Picnic Foods

    The summer sun invites all of us outdoors to play, relax, and eat. On June 18, we also celebrate International Picnic Day. So whether you prefer picnic tables, park benches, beach blankets, or picnic blankets on a grassy field, we’ve got your kid-friendly, easy-to-pack picnic menu right here.

  • How to Help Kids Develop Safe Knife Skills

    How to Help Kids Develop Safe Knife Skills

    Involving your little chef in the kitchen means allowing her to measure, stir, sprinkle, and yes, eventually chop. While the thought of knife-wielding children may cause your heart rate to speed up, we encourage you to take a deep breath and read through these ideas for developing the cutting skills of your young chef in safe, age-appropriate ways. Even toddlers can help you prep in the kitchen when given the proper instruction and the right child-friendly cooking tools.