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  • No Bake Sweet Treat Ideas

    No Bake Sweet Treat Ideas

    Kids and adults alike love sweet treats, and it is fun to get into the kitchen to make these treats together. However, when cooking with little chefs, it’s nice to avoid using the oven and relying on no-bake recipes instead. Many of these recipes can be made using the refrigerator or freezer, rather than your oven. So with these ideas, get ready to bake… without baking.

  • Weekday Meals That are Easy to Get on the Table

    Weekday Meals That are Easy to Get on the Table

    As the heat of summer takes on the hue of warm memories, and the crisp air of fall flies in on falling leaves, we are suddenly caught up in the whirlwind of school and work and sports and holidays. The brisk air and the brisk pace leave little time (or desire) for spending hours at the stove. So what’s a busy family to do? We’ve got a few suggestions for turning weekday dinner madness into weekday dinner gladness.

  • Back to School Lunch Ideas

    Back to School Lunch Ideas

    It’s that time of year again that kids dread and but parents can’t wait for – back to school time! Many parents prefer to pack their kids’ lunches, for reasons ranging from health concerns to allergies to financial situations. With the right planning, preparing school lunches can be a fun activity for you and your little chef and will keep your child eating fresh, healthy foods all week long.

  • Sweet Breakfast Salad

    Sweet Breakfast Salad

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    Looking for a quick, easy, and delicious breakfast that your kids will love? Leave the toast and cereal behind and try out this filling and nutritious Sweet Breakfast Salad.

    Packed with the good fats of avocado and the vitamin C punch of oranges, this salad is simple but tasty and is sure to shake up breakfast time. Since it features easy-to-cut produce, your little chef can easily help you chop up the ingredients and build their own breakfast salad.

  • Give the Teacher an Apple: Apple themed food ideas

    Give the Teacher an Apple: Apple themed food ideas

    It’s time to put a new, fun, and creative spin on the old cliché of giving the teacher ran apple. Your kids’ teachers are sure to appreciate these clever apple-themed gifts more than the traditional Red Delicious!