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  • Mocktail Ideas for Kids

    Mocktail Ideas for Kids

    Special holidays call for special meals, and special meals call for special drinks. For adults, a special drink often includes a favorite brand of alcohol, but when little chefs want something to sip, a new recipe is in order. Your little chefs will light up when they are given – or help make – their own special holiday drink.

  • Teaching Kids about the Food Groups

    Teaching Kids about the Food Groups

    Remember back when you were in elementary school, learning about the Food Pyramid? Who can forget that giant brown base of grains and the capstone of fats, oils, and sweets, sitting atop the pyramid like the end goal, rather than the most unhealthy food group? The United States Department of Agriculture made the Food Pyramid an ancient artifact when they introduced the intelligently simple design of MyPlate back in 2011. Not only does the design of MyPlate simplify the concepts of healthy eating by food groups for adults, but it also provides more opportunities for fun, healthy-eating educational, activities with your little chefs.

  • Roadtrip Car Games for Kids

    Roadtrip Car Games for Kids

    The holidays mean spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, our loved ones are often scattered across the county so spending time with them means spending time in the car to get there.

    Just as you would gather your ingredients and put thought into a delicious meal, so too can your family benefit from preparation before heading out on the highways. Obviously, snacks and drinks are important, as are blankets, pillows, and good tunes. Equally as vital is knowing how to keep everyone entertained between snacks and naps? Sit back, relax, and take these ideas into consideration.

  • Create the Ultimate Kids Arcade at Home

    Create the Ultimate Kids Arcade at Home

    Nostalgia is that bittersweet emotion we feel when we are reminded of happy times gone by. It’s an emotion we can feel at any moment – when a favorite childhood song comes on the radio or the smell of a certain dish reminds us of the holidays – but always nostalgia is accompanied by the fond memories of a moment. As kids, many of us spent happy moments in an arcade or playing arcade games. Without too much time or money, we can recreate these arcade moments for our own little chefs and bring back the sweetest part of nostalgia: the happiness. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or just trying to fill the long hours of a cold winter’s day, consider these ideas a free 1UP.