Banana Bonanza: Great Uses for Banana & Banana Recipes

Why do bananas wear suntan lotion? Because they peel! What do you call two pairs of banana peels? Slippers.

Bananas make for good jokes and good food. They are high in fiber, potassium, and antioxidants. They’re available in grocery stores year-round and don’t cost too much either. There's a bunch of things for you and your little chef to love about bananas!

Good Morning, Sunshine

Yes, your little chef enjoys banana slices on cereal, but now you’re ready for a new way to incorporate these yellow, happy fruits into your morning meal. To do so, all you’ll need are bananas and eggs. With those two ingredients, you can make banana pancakes!

First, let your little chef mash the (peeled) bananas to a pudding-like consistency. In a separate bowl whisk two eggs, and then pour them over the mashed bananas. Stir until the two ingredients are combined. Pour about two tablespoons worth of batter onto a heated skillet that is primed with either oil or butter to prevent sticking. You’ll know when to flip the pancakes when most of the bottom is a golden-brown color. The middle may still be a little runny, and that’s ok - just be sure to flip with caution. The other side should take two to three more minutes, and then you can start your stack. Top the pancakes with maple syrup or a good jelly and watch your little chef start their day off with a smile.

Stick a Stick in It

 Wondering what to pair with your grilled chicken, fish, or shrimp? Look no further than your fruit basket. Bananas, pineapples, peaches, and strawberries are all great fruits to cut up and put on a skewer for delicious fruit kabobs.

Select fruit that is ripe, but still firm. Let your little chef cut the bananas, peaches, pineapple, and strawberries into large chunks using a child-safe knife (pre-cut difficult fruit into large pieces to make it easier for your little helper to handle and work with). Next, let your little chef create a pattern on the skewers with the fruit while you combine a little melted butter and lemon juice in a bowl.

Once the kabobs are assembled, your little chef can brush the butter on the fruit. Now it’s your turn. Grill the kabobs over medium heat until the fruit starts to turn brown around the edges. After removing them from the heat, your little chef can sprinkle a little brown sugar, cinnamon, or honey on top for a touch of extra sweetness.

Banana Split – On the Barbie

 Of course bananas can be split open and stuffed with ice cream, but did you know bananas can also be split open, stuffed with chocolate and then baked?

The next time you’re using the oven for dinner, prepare a few of these dessert treats as well. Simply place a peeled banana in the middle of a piece of foil and slit the banana so it’s open on one side. Allow your little chef to stuff semi-sweet chocolate morsels into the banana and seal it all up in the foil. (You may want to keep a close eye on that step!)

Once the main course of your dinner is finished baking, lower the heat to about 175 and place your banana packets into the oven for 20 minutes. When the bananas are done, serve the delicious dessert alongside a scoop of vanilla, sea salt caramel, or coffee flavored ice cream.

I-Scream for Bananas

Did you think we were done with sweet ideas? Nope.

Peel several bananas and have your little chef cut them into chunks. Place these chunks on a baking sheet and place the baking sheet in the freezer for several hours. Once frozen, you can put the chunks into a food processor. Add milk and get to processing. Keep adding milk until the mixture is creamy. Sample the faux ice cream with your little chef and try not to go bananas over how good it tastes.

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