Infographic: Interesting Facts About Kids in the Kitchen

Getting kids excited about cooking and into the kitchen is crucial for a child’s overall development. With obesity on the rise each year—in 2010 18 percent of children between ages 6 and 17 were obese—it’s important to consider teaching your kids how to cook. Whether socially, mentally or physically, the perks and statistics are certainly positive for kids who learn how to cook at a young age.

Physically, they’ll have a lower risk of becoming obese because they will develop healthy eating habits. Their bodies will also be healthier overall because of all the vitamins and nutrients that comes along with eating a healthful diet. Mentally, they will get better grades with the better nutrition they’ll be eating. They will also learn how to measure and think critically, as well as be able to follow directions. Socially, kids will be able to spend time in the kitchen with you and prepare meals, as well as have a sense of self expression with their dishes.

And kids learning how to cook doesn’t just help them when they’re younger, it gives them a lifelong advantage. 50 percent of kids who learn how to cook and cook at a young age will cook five meals a week as an adult—keeping the healthy lifestyle alive and consistently being in good shape, physically and probably financially since they won’t have to eat out for every meal.

Take a look at these other facts about why you should get your kids in the kitchen. Don’t wait. Start right now!

Facts About Kids in the Kitchen

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