Meet the Newest Curious Chef Products

It’s the New Year, which means it’s time for reflection and resolutions by people and by companies too. At Curious Chef, we’ve thought about new ways to engage your little chefs’ curiosity and new products to assist their culinary creativity. If spending more quality time with your kids and eating healthier are on your personal list of resolutions for this year, you will be happy to learn that our resolutions align with yours. Enjoy the New Year and these new ways to cook up fun and learning with your little chefs!

The Perfect Workbook for Little Chefs

While experimenting in the kitchen can be fun, it’s important to teach little chefs how to read and follow a recipe. Doing so not only provides them a culinary foundation, but it also helps them develop into stronger readers who can comprehend step-by-step instructions. With those concepts in mind, we’ve created an engaging, learning-based cookbook to help little chefs take ownership over their culinary creations. Cooking with Curious Chef provides little chefs with recipes, cooking activities, shopping checklists, facts about foods, and places to take notes about their experience making each recipe. While the book can be purchased by itself, we've also created many bundles with our other products that are cheaper than buying products individually. Our packages that include the book range from the 30 piece Caddy Collection down to much smaller sets like the 4 piece Textile Set bundle that allow you to choose the products your little chef needs.

Let’s Start with the Basics

We can’t leave off the list our very best kit for starters: our 25 piece Kitchen Basics Set. Little chefs can be introduced to the culinary world with these simple, useful tools that are especially designed for young hands. The silicon knives are safe for the youngest of chefs and allow them to learn to cut ingredients without worry of cutting themselves. The kit has everything your little chef needs to measure, mix, and prep their favorite recipe and an apron to keep them clean while they do.

Our New Denim Apron

While we have offered 100% cotton aprons in an assortment of colors, our new denim apron is a more stylish, hardier option. Made out of 100% denim, it will hold up to the trials of cooking by little chefs and to the tumbling of your washing machine. The orange piping adds a playful element, but little chefs will likely be most enamored of the handy-dandy pockets. These pockets run along the front and function as perfect places for their favorite Curious Chef tools which come with the 11 Piece Denim Chef's Kit. The bundle includes practical tools such as a whisk, a large silicone spatula, a poly spoon, and a 6-piece measuring spoon set. Playfully, it also includes a star cookie cutter. As always, the tools are designed to be ergonomically comfortable for little hands and color coded so young minds can differentiate between amounts.

Our New Kit Perfect for Little Bakers

If your little chef enjoys baking, there’s no better set than our 38 piece Cookie and Cupcake Kit. This kit has everything from measuring cups and spoons, to the tools to tools to mix and serve, as well as a 7 piece decorator set. Most home chefs don’t even own a nylon pastry wheel or pastry brush. Little chefs can use the five different cookie cutters for making cookies, of course, but these cutters can also be used to make fun shapes out of bread, cheese, or large slices of fruit such as cantaloupe or watermelon. Little chefs will be proud of the special treats they can make with these tools, perfect for any baking occasion.

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