Curious Chef + Healthy Hands!

Children learn by doing, which is why Curious Chef has teamed up with Healthy Hands Cooking, a company that offers children’s cooking classes to teach kids about nutrition, promote healthy cooking and fight childhood obesity.

Curious Chef is partnering with Healthy Hands Cooking to bring their line of children’s cooking utensils to Healthy Hands’ classes as well as provide coupons and discounts for additional Curious Chef products.

Nothing makes children feel more empowered than doing activities “on their own.” How often do you hear kids say, “Let me try!” or “I can do it!”

And they can.

Healthy Hands Cooking provides cooking classes for kids to educate them about nutrition, teach them the critical skill of healthy cooking and show them that fitness can be fun, all to empower children to make decisions that will lead to a lifetime of wellness.

Healthy Hands’ network of trained and certified self-employed instructors provides children’s cooking classes across the nation. Putting Curious Chef products in children’s hands while they’re cooking makes them feel special because they get to use tools made just for them.

That’s why a partnership between Curious Chef and Healthy Hands Cooking is as natural as the foods kids will prepare during a class.

While Curious Chef makes child-friendly and kid-safe cooking tools, Healthy Hands Cooking gives children the educational tools they need to understand how food affects our bodies and what our bodies need to remain healthy.

Giving children the tools they need to learn about proper nutrition, healthy cooking and fun fitness will start them on a lifelong path of health, wellness and strength.