Curious Chef + The Kids Cook Monday

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Learning to cook at home and regular family dinners are healthy habits that benefit parents and kids alike. That’s why Curious Chef has teamed up with The Kids Cook Monday, a non-profit campaign with a simple slogan: “Start your week off right, make Monday family night!”

Research shows that Monday is the day we are all most likely to start and sustain a healthy new behavior. The Kids Cook Monday encourages families to dedicate Monday nights to cooking and eating together because of the many benefits families can enjoy through this practice. Learning to cook at home not only equips children with the essential skills they’ll need to cook healthy meals later in life, but is also an excellent opportunity for kids to spend quality time with their parents, bonding and learning about their family’s culinary traditions.

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Regular family meals are associated with benefits including healthier body weights for both kids and parents, improved academic performance and decreased rates of substance abuse for children, and overall increased reports of family togetherness.

kids cook monday class

The Kids Cook Monday offers a wide collection of family-friendly recipes and educational materials designed to make weeknight cooking an easy and enjoyable experience for the whole family. The Family Dinner Date is a free weekly newsletter that features a quick, healthy recipe alongside cooking tips, videos and family dinner conversation starters. The Kids Cook Monday website is packed with useful information including recipes, safety tips and cooking tasks for different age groups. The Kids Cook Monday also works with schools and retail outlets to bring family-friendly cooking classes to local communities.

The Kids Cook Monday is proud to partner with Curious Chef. Not only is it important for children to work with safe, child-friendly tools when they are learning to cook, but owning their very own kitchen gear can empower kids to participate in regular meal preparation, setting them up for a lifetime of good health and great food.