Alternatives to Easter Candy

Spring is finally here! And an outpouring of Easter candy comes along with it, filling grocery stores and convenience shops everywhere. But who said Easter baskets have to be filled with candy? There are plenty of fun gifts and activities to stuff in your kiddos Easter basket this year. Check out our full list of alternatives to Easter candy!

  • Chalk

What’s better than an imaginative afternoon covering the driveway with colorful creations?

  • Stuffed animal

In keeping with the holiday spirit, pick up a stuffed bunny or chick!

  • Playdough

What crazy sculpture will they make this time?

Let the kiddos grow their very own plants this spring!

  • Coloring books

Paw Patrol, Barbie or Spiderman...chances are there’s a coloring book for your kiddos favorite character.

  • Bubbles

Bubble guns, wands or's all fun!

  • Books

For the literary littles!

  • Money

Put a dollar or some change in a few plastic eggs for an exciting surprise.

  • Yo-yo

Throw it back to an old childhood pastime with this classic toy.

Get those kiddos really cooking!

  • Stickers

Kids really do love stickers, don’t they?

  • Bouncy balls

This simple toy will provide hours of fun.

  • Matchbox cars

Got a little car enthusiast on your hands?

  • A favorite DVD

Surprise them with a new favorite, or an old classic.

  • Jump rope

For your hopping little bunny!

  • Mini sports ball

Or a full-sized ball depending on the size of the basket!

  • Mad-Libs

Spread the laughs with these goofy stories.

  • Puzzle

For those rainy April days.

Tell us your Easter candy alternatives in the comments!