Outdoor Summer Activities

Summer break is a blast for kids, but, as we know, it can get a little stressful for us parents. It’s a challenge coming up with fun outdoor summer activities to keep the kids busy all summer long! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite summer crafts, games, and activities to make sure your little ones have the best summer ever (and that they get outside too)!

Draw with Chalk or Sidewalk Paint

Sidewalk chalk is one of our favorite summer activities. Whether it’s drawing a big mural or a fun hopscotch game, chalk play is an awesome way for kids to express their creativity. Check out these cool DIY sidewalk paint ideas from The Tiptoe Fairy and Happiness is Homemade.

Plant a Garden

Kids naturally love getting their hands dirty. So what better activity than gardening!? There are countless things to plant based on your preferences...flowers, herbs, veggies, you name it! No matter what it is, gardening is a great way to teach kids about the ecosystem and to create continued excitement as they watch the plants grow over time. Try getting your kids their very own gardening tools to help them feel extra special.

Hook up a Sprinkler

Sprinklers are the perfect go-to for the days when the summer sun gets too hot. Whether you’re using a store-bought sprinkler or a DIY water bottle project hooked up to a hose, this timeless summer activity is sure to get the littles excited for outside play.

Have a Water Sponge Fight

Super soaker sponge balls

Image by Kimberly via naturalbeachliving.com

Rather than a water balloon fight (who wants to clean up all those little balloon pieces?!) try creating your own reusable sponge balls for a new take on the traditional water fight. Check out this article from Natural Beach Living to find out how you can make these sponge balls in just a few easy steps.

Go for a Bike Ride

Get those kiddos some exercise to burn off that extra energy! Family bike rides can make for a fun family outing...even if it’s just around the block!

Create a Squirt Gun Painting

Kids Outdoor Summer Activities. Squirt Gun Painting Outdoor Craft.

Image by Melissa Lenning via firefliesandmudpies.com

Get colorful (and maybe a little messy) with this exciting outdoor craft. Tack a canvas or piece of paper to a tree, fill your squirt gun with liquid watercolor paints, and get creative! Your kids will spend hours adding different colors to their painting!

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a super fun (and often educational) afternoon activity. You can go all-out and create clues to find hidden treasures in your backyard. Or, if you’re looking for a quick-and-easy alternative, try out this color scavenger hunt idea from I Heart Crafty Things.

Ice Excavation Activity

Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids. Ice Excavation Kids Activity.

Image by Lauren via crumbbums.com

This easy sensory activity is sure to win you major mom or dad-points. All you need to do is fill a shallow tub or container about ¾ of the way with water, fill it with fun little toys (i.e. matchbox cars, plastic dinosaurs, etc.), and freeze it overnight. The next day, set your kids up outside with some “chiseling” tools, and watch them get to work. If your littles are too young to use a hammer or metal utensil, try putting warm water in a squeeze bottle so they can help melt the ice rather than break it.

Field Day

This one may take a bit more planning ahead, but it’s worth it to see your kiddos having such a blast! Use items you already have sitting in the garage or make a quick run to the local dollar store, and you’ll have all the supplies you need to set up an epic afternoon of yard games. Ring toss, relay race, water balloon toss - there are countless options to add to the mix. Check out this article from Fun Learning for Kids for tons of field day inspiration!

Have any fun summer activities of your own? Leave them in the comments!