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As a family-business, Curious Chef® believes in the importance of developing life-long skills at an early age. Teaching kids to cook and garden at a young age helps foster an all-around healthier lifestyle.

Gardening and cooking with kids is all about making memories as a family, encouraging learning and positive habits, and embracing a hands-on approach to play and discovery. In our fast-paced, technology-filled world, the opportunities to slow down and enjoy time together as a family are more valuable than ever.

Our goal is to provide kids with the tools to learn and grow from the many essential life skills that come from the garden and kitchen! Growing their own ingredients and helping to prepare homemade meals helps encourage kids to:

  • Get excited about trying new foods
  • Form healthy eating habits
  • Learn basic math skills
  • Develop a growing vocabulary
  • Practice listening to and following directions
  • Understand the value of learning from mistakes
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Our Story & Mission

Curious Chef® was founded in 2008 with the goal of creating real tools (not toys) for beginner chefs to use in the kitchen.

We worked alongside an educator with 25 years of experience in early-childhood development to create fully-functional, safe and appropriately sized tools for little chefs so they can start developing lifelong cooking skills. All our tools were tested by young, budding chefs to ensure we utilized the most kid-friendly product designs and materials.

Over a decade ago, Curious Chef became the first ever full line of kids cooking tools. Then, in 2017, we expanded the Curious brand so that curious kids can take their produce from garden to table with Curious Gardener®. Gardening gets kids outside and learning about growing fruits, veggies and herbs that they eat!

At Curious Chef and Curious Gardener we are proud to offer both the largest, most comprehensive line of kids cooking tools and the largest line of kids gardening tools. We work tirelessly to ensure that every product we offer both meets the most stringent safety standards and lives up to the expectations of parents!

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