8-Piece Garden Set

SKU: TCG55013


Get your kids excited about gardening with the 8-Piece Garden Set!

Get your kids into the garden alongside you with their very own garden tools included in the 8-Piece Garden Set. The Curious Gardener® 8-Piece Garden Set includes a trowel, hand rake, kneeling pad, garden gloves, 3 garden markers, 2 sheets of garden marker stickers, and a bonus sticker set and supply list!

Teach your little gardener the tricks of the trade using tools designed specifically for kids! The kneeling pad provides protection for their little knees so they stay comfy and clean. The garden gloves keep their hands protected from the dirt and other elements they may encounter while gardening. Now that they are protected, help them use the hand rake to break up any tough soil to prepare it for planting. Then teach them to use the trowel to measure soil depth and scoop out enough soil for a seed to be planted. After covering up the seed with soil, have them right down the plant’s name on a garden marker sticker, place the sticker on the garden marker, and stick it near the seed so they’ll always know where their growing plant is!

  • Gift Box Dimensions: 12.0” x 12.0” x 4.5”
  • Trowel and Hand Rake feature metal heads and soft touch grips
  • The soft foam design of the Kneeling Pad protects your knees while gardening; includes a handle for easy handling
  • Garden Gloves feature palm and finger coating for excellent grip and durability
  • 3 Garden Markers include removable and customizable stickers, making plant identification fun
  • 14 printed stickers and 14 customizable stickers
  • Age appropriate for children 4+
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